Eastertide Sunday (Year A) 2020

In today’s Gospel Jesus says that He will go away but, in His place, will be the Advocate, the Holy Spiritand He adds, “on that day you will understand that I Am in My Father and you in Me and I in you.”

On the day the Holy Spirit comes we will know that we are called to be One, as the Father and Son are One.  The role of the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, is to make us One in Christ so that we can continue His Mission (which is to restore all things into union with Him and re-establish His Kingdom on earth).

Christ has Ascended to heaven. Now it is our turn to complete His Mission. What the world needs more than anything else is Christ. That is why you and I were made to continue Christ’s presence on the earth.

In today’s Gospel Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans.”  By giving us the Holy Spirit, we are to become One with Christ fully empowered or equipped to continue His Mission. When the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles at the first Pentecost the Apostles were frightened men. Scripture says they were in a room and “the doors and windows were locked for fear of the Jews.” But when God sent the Advocate, the Holy Spirit He empowered the Apostles to complete their mission, “to make disciples of all the nations.”  When they received the Holy Spirit, they became fearless. Thomas just took off to India.  Bartholomew to the Middle East.  Not even death stopped them in their mission.  Peer was crucified upside down.  Bartholomew was skinned alive. The Holy Spirit has always been in the Church empowering saints and mystics.

Today, the Holy Spirit is perhaps at its most powerful – because where sin abounds Grace abounds even more.  Scripture promises that in the future there will be a Second Pentecost which will form the apostles of the Latter Days who will outshine in holiness all the saints of the past put together.

The time we live in is a privileged time, a time of hope. The Holy Spirit is empowering each one of us today to continue to be Christ’s presence in the world to complete His Mission.

Our Blessed Mother is the ideal of a human full of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says she is “full of Grace” or “full of the Holy Spirit.” (She loved her Son with all her heart, mind, soul and strength.)

Being Immaculately conceived, she was not subject to the fall of Adam and Eve, the fall of creation, the separation of heaven from the earth.

Even while she lived in this world, she was not subject to it.  While she lived on the earth, she also lived, or at least visited God in Heaven.

This is also the state of our Guardian Angel, for example, whom Our Lord said: "Don’t despise a little one, for I say to you; their angels in heaven always see the “Face of God.”

Our Blessed Mother may not have always seen the Face of God, but she always enjoyed His presence and His love because she was full of God, or full of the Holy Spirit.

Our Blessed Mother revealed to Luisa Piccaretta in Italy in the 1930’s that she was “inseparable from my Creator” and “I had my heaven within me.”  In other words, even though she lived in this earth she also enjoyed heaven.

Our Blessed Mother said to Luisa:  “My child. I with my rapid flights, arrived into the arrived into the arms of the Divine persons (of the Trinity) and, as I arrived,

I felt their overflowing love which as huge waves, covered me with their love.”

Oh, how beautiful it is to be loved by God!”

In this love is felt happiness, holiness, infinite joy.  For each of us, Our Lord is always offering as His Infinite Love.  He is always inviting us to adore His Face in the beatific vision in Heaven.

Our Lord in the Gospels repeatedly told us that God’s Kingdom has come.  For example, Our Lord said:  "The Kingdom of God has come upon you” (Luke 11:10)

Therefore, like Our Bl Mother we can experience heaven while still living on the earth.

In our prayer time every morning, accept Our Lord’s invitation to step into heaven into His arms.

In our prayer time use your imagination to see yourself in Heaven in His arms.

Our Lord’s infinite love is inviting us.

In other words, imagine this reality.

In time you won’t have to rely on your imagination to enjoy God’s embrace.