Gospel Reflection by Father Doug Harris - 10th May, 2020


In today’s Gospel, Our Lord make the remarkable statement “Where I Am, you maybe too.” Our Lord by saying: “I Am” is saying that He is God. “I Am” is the title for God. When Moses, on Mt Sinai asked God “what name shall I call you?” God replied, “I Am who I Am, and you shall tell the sons of Israel that ‘I Am” sent you.” Our Lord called Himself “I Am” at least 7 times in St John’s Gospel. For example: Before Abraham was born, “I Am.” For saying that He was “I Am.” The Jews said Our Lord had blasphemed and the Jews began to stone Our Lord. Other examples where Our Lord called himself “I Am” include: “I Am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never be hungry.” (John 6:35) Also: “I Am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall … have the Light of the Life”. (John 8:12). Also: “I Am the resurrection and the life.” (John 11.25) Also: “I Am” the way, the truth and the life.” (John 14:6) Therefore, when Jesus says He is “I Am”, He is saying He is God. When, in today’s Gospel, Our Lord says: “Where I Am you may be too”, Our Lord is saying that we too are called to be “I Am”. We are not called to be divine, but God’s plan is to live or reign in us. In other words, for each of us to be full of God, or full of the Holy Spirit. “Where I Am you may be too.” Today we celebrate Mothers’ Day. Our Mother, the Bible says is “Full of Grace” that is why, when she appeared to our St Bernadette in Lourdes in 1858 she called herself - “I Am the Immaculate Conception.” She didn’t say, “I was immaculately conceived”. She called herself, “I Am”. How can a human call themselves “I am”, if “I Am” is God? St Maximillian Kolbe, only a few hours before he was martyred in the starvation bunker at Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1941, wrote a paper where he answers that question. Our Blessed Mother was so united to God’s Will that every thought, word, an act of hers, was the same or identical to Our Lord’s. Our Mother described herself to a mystic named Luisa Piccarreta in the 1930’s. “I was so identified with my Creator participating in al the joys, happiness and sanctity which He possessed, as much as I could partake of them. One was the Will that animated us and whatever God wanted, I wanted.” All Mothers, today on Mothers’ Day, should be aware that this level of holiness is what you are called to. Our Lord said to Venerable Conchita de Arminda, a mother of nine children, in Mexico in 1906: “I want to incarnate myself mystically in your heart … the grace of living and growing in your soul, never to leave it, to possess you, as one and the same substance …. it is the grace of graces. Bl Dina Belangera woman in Canada, who died in 1929, spoke of Mystical Substitution: She wrote: “We are no longer two, Jesus and I, we are one. Jesus alone … It is He who thinks, acts, prays, looks, speaks, walks, writes, teaches, in a word, who lives, and I, buried in His Heart, am so little that He alone can see me. I have surrendered all.” Bl Dina Belanger described how she does God’s Will. I committed myself, under pain of sin, to do constantly and in every circumstance, what was most perfect: in my thought, my desires. I had promised not to entertain any useless thought not to allow myself willingly to make any useless physical movement. This vow, then affects every second, every moment of my life. I know that my repeated lack of thoughtfulness of Jesus does not hurt Him, because it is involuntary, but how many times in the course of a day!” Our Saviour said: “My little bride, I want to lead you further into the depth of the Most Blessed Trinity. Come into the essence of the Heart of God, into the very essence of the Divinity.’ Our Lord loves us infinitely. He proved that on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. There is no limit to what Our Lord’s love wants for us. Therefore, He even wants us to have everything He has and is. Therefore, He wants us to share in His Divine nature, as much as a human can. In John 15:15 Our Lord says: “All that the Father has is mine. For this reason, a… He will take what is mine and declare it to you.” Why come to Mass, because we know that by receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion (today – Spiritual Communion) we will receive all God is. That is why when the Priest says, “the Body of Christ” the full meaning is Our Lord saying to you “All I have and all I Am, I give to you.” By receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion, we become One with Him. We become what we consume. We become living Hosts. As Our Lord said in today’s Gospel … “Where I Am, you may be too.”

By Father Doug Harris 2020