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STBGCC Newsletter - 20th December 2020
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Today’s Gospel records the Incarnation: Christ becoming human flesh. Our Blessed Mother says to the Angel Gabriel: “Let what you have said be done to me,” or “fiat” or “Amen” or “Yes.”

It was a heroic or sacrificial “Yes”. By saying “Yes” Our Blessed Mother agreed not only to be the Mother of the Son of God but she also agreed to say yes to God always, without exception.

Our Blessed Mother, therefore, agreed to give her ‘all and everything’ to Jesus at every moment of every day, all through her life. (For example: Never once did she consent to a temptation.)

Her “yes” to God and “no” to herself gave ‘permission’ for her Son to be conceived or to reign or live within her. Therefore, she was full of Jesus or full of the Holy Spirit or empty of herself. When God the Father looks at the Blessed Mother, He sees His Son. Therefore, what she asks for is granted by God as if His Son were asking for it. Everything Our Blessed Mother did gave the same merit or Grace as if Jesus had done it. Therefore, Our Blessed Mother, in today’s Gospel not only experienced the Incarnation, of God made flesh, in a physical way, but also in a spiritual way.

We too are called to experience the Incarnation in a spiritual way. One example is Venerable Conchita Cabrera de Armida, a wife and mother of nine who died in Mexico in 1936. At age 32 she received what is called ‘Mystical Marriage.’ A level attained by saints such as John of the Cross and Catherine of Siena.

At age 45 she received an even higher level called ‘Mystical Incarnation.’ This is also called ‘Divine Substitution’ where a person becomes

‘full of Jesus’ and empty of ‘self’.

Blessed Dina Belanger is another who received ‘Mystical Incarnation.’ She died in Canada in 1929. She wrote about this gift:

“Jesus substituted Himself or me. What a choice gift it is to let the Saviour live within oneself. I wish I could obtain this grace for every soul: We are no longer two people, Jesus and I, we are just one – Jesus alone…He showed me that my exterior was merely a cloak which He had to make use of.” (Imagine that, Jesus being completely One in you.)

In today’s Gospel we read that God became human. Today, we humans are called to possess God. We, actually, don’t become God but God wants to live in us all His fullness.

In other words, we are called to live on the divine level sharing in all God has and is as much as a human can.

Sharing in God’s life, God’s love, God’s sanctity, God’s intelligence, God’s wisdom, God’s fearlessness etc.

We think more as Jesus thinks. When we talk, Jesus inspires us with the words. When we pray, our prayer has the same effect as is Jesus prayed.

When we make sacrifices, it has the same effect as if Jesus were making that sacrifice.

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