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STBGCC Newsletter - 20th June 2021
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by Fr Doug Harris 2021

In today’s Gospel the Apostles fear death. Jesus instead rebukes them for their lack of faith. After He calmed the storm with just four words: “Quiet now, be calm,” He says: “Why are you so frightened? How is it that you have ‘no’ faith?” The Apostles naturally have because they expected to die by drowning – a very horrible way to die. One would expect that Jesus would be more understanding. But Jesus rebuked them for their lack of faith.

Jesus is greatly disappointed in us when we lack faith in Him. The angels and saints have perfect faith in Jesus – and they know Him – they are with Him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember another story? The account of Jesus walking on water. Peter asks Jesus to walk on water to him. Jesus says: “Come.” With that Peter has complete faith in Jesus – Peter walks on the water. The storm picks up, Peter has fear. He sinks. Our Lord doesn’t show the understanding to Peter that we might expect. Instead, He rebukes Peter: “You of little faith, why do you doubt?”

Jesus expects us to have faith in Him enough, that we should be able to walk on water even in the midst of a storm. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what happens to us, even if we have all the crosses, sufferings, abuses in the world, we should still have perfect faith in Jesus. Jesus is saying if you know Me, you would have perfect faith in Me. Jesus, if He finds us lacking in faith, would rebuke us. He loves us infinitely. Therefore, He wants everything for us.

Other stories of faith in the Bible: A woman with a blood hemorrhage. She sought many doctors, they seemed only to make her bleed even more. Jesus is walking through her town. He is surrounded by a crowd of people. The woman pushes herself through the crowd and touches Our Lord’s garment. She is immediately healed. Jesus turns around and says: “Who touched Me? The apostles say: “Lord, many people are touching You.” Jesus says: “No, someone touched Me in faith.” Jesus then says to the woman: “Go now, your faith has saved you.” It was her faith that caused the miracle.

Another story of faith is the centurion who has a servant boy who is dying. He asks Jesus to heal his servant boy. Jesus then begins to go to the centurion’s house. The centurion says: “Lord, You don’t need to come to my house, you can heal him from here.” At that moment the servant is healed. Jesus says to the onlookers: “Nowhere in all of Israel have I seen so much faith.”

Our Lord, with all His Heart, wants us to have faith in Him. Jesus said if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. This actually happened. In the 10th Century in Cairo, Egypt the Moslem Caliph or President invites the Catholic Archbishop for a debate about their faiths. The Bishop quoted Matthew 17:20: “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can say to the mountain, ‘move from here,’ and it will move.” If the mountain failed to move the Caliph would order his men to kill all the Catholics. So followed three days of prayer and fasting by all the Catholics. The Blessed Mother appeared and encouraged the Catholics. On the set day the mountain rose (the sunlight was seen from under it).

Remember 9:11. The aeroplanes that hit the twin towers in New York. A young woman was to fly on the second plane that hit the twin towers. On the way to the airport her car had a flat tyre. She missed the plane. Her and her husband are Christian. They couldn’t praise God enough. The young woman’s husband’s father was one of the volunteers who worked on ground zero to rescue people trapped in the rubble. The father died at ground zero as a wall of a building fell on him. The son’s praise towards God turned into anger towards God. To the son’s way of thinking, because his father was not a Christian his father would have gone to hell.

Not long after the death of his father a mother with a newly born baby came to see the son. This mother explained that she, almost 9 months pregnant, was trapped in the rubble at ground zero. It was the son’s father who had rescued her and saved her life and the life within her womb. While the father was working to free this mother, the mother had shared her faith with him, and the father had promised to give his life to Jesus. The son believed then that his prayer had been answered. The son believed that his father was in heaven.

The lesson is that no matter how bad or difficult life gets, never lose faith in Jesus but have perfect faith in Him.


One of our Legion of Mary members, Maria, went to visit a lady, Rosa, at a nursing home in Redcliffe. Unknown to her she had the wrong address. She stopped to ask a man for directions. (The man was out the front of his house, gardening.) The man went to get his wife for help. His wife, Sandra, turned out to be the President of the Legion of Mary at Cloverdale. So, Sandra knew exactly where that nursing home was. Not only that, but Sandra organized for Rosa – the woman in the nursing home – to be driven to prayer meeting every Tuesday and Mass on Sundays. Rosa had often said that her major regret at being in a nursing home was that she could not go to Mass. What are the chances of Maria – having the wrong address – meeting Sandra? No matter how big our problems are, Our Blessed Lord is alive and active in our lives. “You of little faith why do you doubt?”