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STBGCC Newsletter - 30th May 2021 THE MOST HOLY TRINITY 2021
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Permanent 1pm to 2pm Thursday


by Fr Doug Harris 2021

God created the world then Jesus redeemed the world now the Holy Spirit is sanctifying the world. The task of the Holy Spirit is to give everyone the holiness of God Himself which is the fulfillment of the command of God the Father who said in the Book of Leviticus 11:44: “Be holy as I am holy.” Today we may be in the time of the Holy Spirit. St Louis de Montfort in the 17th century was given a prophecy which would be fulfilled in the era of the Holy Spirit. Our Lord said to St Louis: “Almighty God and His Holy Mother are to raise up saints who will surpass in holiness most other saints as much as the cedar trees of Lebanon ‘tower’ above little shrubs.” An example of a person who may have come close to that level of sanctity or holiness is Fr Paul Hinnebusch. Born 1917. Died 2002. He was blessed by God. For example, on his First Holy Communion day, Paul decided to receive Holy Communion daily. Soon after he had the practice of praying the Rosary daily. He was ordained a priest in 1944. At Mass, at each consecration, Jesus seemed to personally offer His crucified and risen Body to Fr Paul. He said, “At that time in a very special way, I had the grace of experiencing my ‘oneness’ with Jesus.” On January 5, 2000, Fr Paul wrote: “I found myself asking that I become one victim with Jesus through the grace of mystical incarnation. I will be a fully worthy priest only in the measure that I am not only priest with Christ, but also victim with Him. It seems to me that my sacramental grace of Holy Orders will have reached its full development only when, through the grace of mystical incarnation, I am fully victim with Christ. He is incarnate in me and lives in me. This is because I have been consecrated to Him in baptism to be His own. My whole life is His; my whole person belongs to Him. I need to remember this and let Him suffer in me and offer my body to the Father as His own. I am to be one Victim in union with Jesus, the Victim on Calvary and the Victim in the Mass.” In one of the last things, he wrote he said: “I am experiencing myself as one body, one spirit with Christ – as ONE LIVING ENTITY WITH CHRIST – Christ living in me and I living in Christ.”

ONE VICTIM WITH THE DIVINE VICTIM written by Fr Paul Lord Jesus, to be victim in You, and to let You be victim in me, I must empty myself completely in Your Self-emptying. I must empty myself above all by emptying myself of all self-will, of all self-assertion before God. In my sufferings, I need to empty myself by not focusing my attention on my sufferings or moaning over my pains. Lord Jesus, let me focus my heart on You crucified, on You scourged mercilessly, You crowned with thorns, You pierced with a lance. I desire to be one victim with the Divine Victim, forgetting self, dying to self, dying to my own will, living only in Your Divine Will, fusing my heart with Your Divine Heart for Your intentions of pure love. Such is the purpose of the Eucharist: to make me one priest and victim with Jesus. St John Paul II called this new sanctity a “new and divine holiness.” It is a level of holiness which is “new” because it is a “divine” holiness, a holiness which is not a human holiness but a divine holiness. The holiness of God Himself.

PRAYER TO THE INDWELLING MOST HOLY TRINITY O my Love, my only Good, Most Holy Trinity, I adore You, hidden in the depths of my soul. To You, to Your honour and glory, I dedicate my life. May every thought, word and deed of mine be an act of adoration and praise directed towards Your Divine Majesty enthroned in my heart. O Father, Infinite Goodness, behold Your child, clothed in the likeness of Your Son. Extend to me Your arms that I may belong to You forever. O Son, Divine Lord, made man, crucify me with Yourself that I may become, in union with You, a sacrifice of praise for the glory of Your Father. O Holy Spirit, Fire of Everlasting Love, consume me on the altar of the Mass that nothing may remain but that which bears the likeness of Christ. O Blessed Trinity, worthy of all adoration, I wish to remain in spirit on my knees, Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the pure heart of St. Joseph, I consecrate my life to You. At the moment of death, receive me, O my Triune Love, that I may continue my adoration of love through all eternity. Amen