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STBGCC Newsletter 5th September 2021
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by Fr Doug Harris 2021

In today’s Gospel we read about one of the many, many miracles that Jesus performed. A man healed who was deaf and dumb. We read: “admiration was unbounded. He has done all things well…he makes the deaf hear and the dumb speak.”

In 2011, while I was in Indonesia at a Chapel of Perpetual Adoration – a Muslim school aged girl was unable to speak for over a month. Her Muslim father did a novena of 9 holy hours. His daughter was healed.

In today’s Gospel, a person, deaf and dumb, is not only healed physically, more importantly, he received spiritual healing (as a result of his physical healing he became a believer in Jesus).

Let me tell the story of Rita Klaus, Rita had multiples sclerosis (MS). She was paralysed from the neck down. The doctors diagnosed her body as irreversibly disfigured. For example, her right leg was deformed at the knee joint, so that her right knee looked at her left leg – permanently. She was also partially blind. As a result, Rita was very depressed. She said, ‘All I would do was cry. I would cry, and I would cry, and I would cry.’ She was also very bitter with God and with life. Because of her bitterness all her friends left her – except a friend named Maryanne.

On one occasion in 1981 Maryanne invited Rita to a healing Mass. Rita adamantly refused. Rita said that God doesn’t work miracles today. However, Rita’s husband forced her to go against her will. Travelling to the church, to the healing Mass, Rita said she did not want anyone to pray for her, but at the church a priest approached her from behind and began to pray for her with his hands on her head and everyone in the church also began to pray for her.

While they were praying Rita said she experienced Our Lord’s Love. She said, “I had never before experienced so much love.” At that moment, Rita surrendered her life to Our Lord. She said, “That was the day that changed my life forever. I received my life back, the life and love of God in my soul.” As a result, she said, “I now pray and can’t stop praying. I believe I became the happiest person on the face of the earth.”

Despite the fact that she still had MS. Despite the fact that she still was paralyzed from the neck down. She said, “It doesn’t matter how much you suffer if you carry the life of Christ in your soul then you are whole.” She said, “I learnt that suffering has a purpose when united to the suffering that Christ experienced on the Cross. I accepted my sufferings as Christ accepted His on the cross and together, we suffered for lost souls.”

On June 18th, 1986 – 5 years after she went to the healing mass and received ‘spiritual healing’ she was lying in bed, with no one else in the room, she distinctly heard the words: “Why don’t you ask?” Then she says she found herself compelled to say these words: “Dear Mary, my mother, Queen of Peace, please ask your Son to heal me in any way I am meant to be healed. I know your Son has said: ‘If you have faith, you can move mountains.’ I believe, please help my unbelief, Amen!” Then Rita fell asleep. The next day while attending a Bible class she felt heat throughout her body. Feeling came first to her fingers and for the next 3 hours feeling gradually returned to every part of her body. Rita was healed!

Rita lives today. She is perfectly healthy and tells people that the spiritual healing she received in 1981 was, and I use her exact words, “A million, million times better” than the physical healing she received in 1986. Because, in the 1981 miracle she received spiritual healing (she found Christ).

We here may not suffer from MS – but all of us have crosses. The message of the life of Rita Klaus is “Jesus is alive”.

The question for each of us is: “Am I deaf and dumb spiritually?” “Do I believe Jesus is alive?”

In today’s Gospel Jesus “puts His fingers into the deaf man’s ears.” Why did Jesus put His fingers into the man’s ears? The finger of God to the Jews signifies the power or spirit of God.

For example, in Exodus (8:19) the magicians of Egypt said to the Pharaoh not to go against the Jews because the “finger of God” is with them.

In Luke (11:20) Our Lord says: “If it is by the finger of God that I cast out demons, then the Kingdom of God has come among you.”

Therefore, today’s miracle to the deaf man with an impediment in his speech is a sign that God is present on this earth and, therefore, God’s Kingdom is present on this earth.

The only thing that separates us from seeing and hearing God and His Kingdom is our blindness and our deafness.

God and all the Angels and Saints in Heaven are giving us all their love and are singing heavenly music.

How is it we can’t see them and hear them?

Today, Our Lord is offering to heal us of our blindness and deafness.